About Ki - Steel&Engineering GmbH

The specialists in industrial service

K industries – Steel&Engineering has enjoyed an outstanding reputation in the sector for decades under its previous name of KWE Ludwigshafen Stahl- und Industriebau GmbH. The renaming took place in August 2017 upon the occasion of integration into the K industries Group of the Austrian entrepreneurial Kreuzer family.

K industries – Steel&Engineering operates primarily in the industrial services sector. The company is located in Frankenthal (Rhineland-Palatinate).

Ki - Steel&Engineering GmbH

Main activities deal with maintenance tasks in industrial plant construction (with a primary focus on the chemical industry) as well as the areas of planning and engineering. A special characteristic of Ki – Steel&Engineering and its staff is the profound knowledge they possess of the extensive plants their customers operate, which in turn results in long-term framework agreements.

The core staff currently consists of 32 experienced specialists and, depending on the project, the number of workers can be doubled temporarily.

Michael Ehrler

The K industries Group also includes K industries GmbH with headquarters in St. Andrä in the Lavanttal region (A), K industries Service & Technologies GmbH in Linz (A)  as well as K industries-ALTHAMMER GmbH situated in Baden-Württemberg’s Heidenheim.